Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings includes a wide range of protective and specialty coatings. A protective coatings primary function is to protect your facilities and equipment from their environment. Specialty coatings also provide protection but offer a specific set of properties to fit a specific task. Enhanced visibility, chemical containment, abrasion protection, anti-fouling, and bacterial grown prevention are just a sampling of what specialty coatings can provide. With the wide range of coatings available, there is one that is designed to serve your needs.

Why Choose Mechanical Jobbers?

With the wide range of products available it is hard to find the right coatings for the job. We can work with you to identify the correct product to fit your need and budget. We have a close working relationship with the top manufacturers and small specialty manufactures. This working relationship and our extensive experience give us a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t.

We also have an extensive range of equipment to apply coatings. From a paint brush to computer controlled multi-component pumps, we can apply anything. The right application techniques and equipment is required to get the best performance. There is no substitute for experience and your next project should not be a classroom to gain that experience.

The performance of a coating relies on what is done before it is applied. Surface preparation is the key to a successful coating application. With our Coating Removal and Abrasive Blasting services, we have a wide range of techniques to ensure that your next coatings job performs its best.